Our Story

Having launched The Mood Booster Journal is such a big dream of mine. I really want to help people feel better about themselves and help people when they have moments they need cheering up. I created The Mood Booster Journal to help when stress, anxiety, low mood and low confidence strikes the aim being to improve general wellbeing. It’s a powerful tool when those moments appear and you need to bring back a bit more happiness and sunshine into your life.

When I some years ago suffered from a bad patch of anxiety and depression, I found myself trying to write down little notes, reminding myself of anything which had great and deep meaning to me, and recall happy memories and positive experiences in an attempt to try and let the goodness of my life resurface again. However, when you are not in a good place this can be extremely hard! Staring at the blank paper without prompts is not ideal. Slowly I eventually managed to write down a few things which I could focus on and could use in an attempt to remind myself of all the good things in my life. Slowly but steadily I started feeling better. Referring to my little notes became great mood boosters, but I felt a journal with prompts and a place to make a notes of your good days with an inspiring design really would be so much more powerful, and that’s where the idea of The Mood Booster Journal started to grow. Being a graphic designer it was only natural to start the process of designing the perfect journal to help boost anyone’s mood. 

In the creation of the journal I have been drawing on my passion for inspiring design. The design of the journal is very much inspired from my native Denmark where the combination of simplicity and functionalism has defined Danish Design for decades. A minimalist approach yet creative, I believe creates the perfect calm inspiring environment to reflect and focus on your valuable thoughts to help create more happiness in your life.

The Mood Booster Journal is for anyone wanting to look after themselves and strive for happiness from within. We all have days where we don’t feel as happy as other days and The Mood Booster Journal is here to help you through those days. The philosophy behind The Mood Booster Journal is to live our lives to the full and see it as a gift. We are all unique and we all have a purpose in this world. As we live The Mood Booster Journal encourages us to capture everything which makes us happy and gives us meaning in our life. By capturing all these good and valuable treasures in our lives The Mood Booster Journal helps us to flourish and helps bring happiness into your life any day you might need it.

Let’s live, capture and flourish…

- Camilla Woolgar -
Founder of Mood Booster Journal